Missing item: turntable

I think I deserve an “architect Oscar”, because I made a fantastic work during the renovation.

Yes, I finished it. Every part of it. It took a little bit longer than I expected, but finally it’s over. Now I can lean back and enjoy it. I love the furniture, I love the comfort it give to me. I love the shower and the kitchen I made, I can spend there hours without sensing it. I love the new appliances I bought, all of them serve great. Altogether it’s great.

After some days taking my well-deserved rest, I realised that something is still missing. I couldn’t figure it out, but I had that feeling. After a week one of my friends came to take a look at what I did and he had the answer to my question, instantly: “Do you have a turntable as well, right?”

It socked me as a lighting. How could I not have realised it alone?

With the knowledge I got, I rushed to my computer and started searching for a turntable that could fit that shortage of mine. I had a hard time to find the best of it, because most of the sites were full of foolish things and I could not pick out which part was true and which was lie. Fortunately, I found a more honest webpage, which is full of information I wanted. Its main topic is: turntable review, and it gives you exactly that. Reviews about different brands’ different products. With comparisons and descriptions, it was really helpful for me.

Spending 30 minutes on that site was enough to choose the best. “Audio-Technica AT-LP120” is what I ordered for 300 bucks. It knows everything what I could wish for and it is really stylish. Powered by the most recent technologies, this beauty could serve me for several decades.


If everything goes as I planned, it’ll arrive tomorrow. This is good, because I want to show off with it on the party I’m going to held 3 days ahead.