Even a playboy mansion needs a gas range

Hey Guys!

Here am I, in the 6th week of my house renovation….Needles to say it’s very tiring. After 8 hours at work, I get home aaaaand I can finally have some rest….or I could have some if I could finish the renovation already….

Every day, after 17:00, I transform into strange hybrid of a professional interior designer and removal man. So until 22:00 there is no place for rest. Fortunately, there is no neighbor within 100m range so the noise I made is not a problem, unlike in my previous flat, where I got prosecuted even if I swept the floor at 9pm….

And now, here I am, in my dream house, and within 2 weeks I want to make my housewarming party!

Only one thing is missing from the household appliances. I still can’t believe it…but after that my playboy mansion is finally ready J but before I could consider myself as a genius designer and a master handyman, I had to realize that I brought a NotSoVeryGood gas range… I still don’t know why but I just ordered the first one that I found in the local store’s magazine…

Guys never, NEVER do this….now I’m here with a gas range, which is not even compatible with my house energy system. After that mistake, I had to make sure, that I won’t flush more money down the toilet (’cause it’s better to buy some champagne for you from that amount of money), so I searched on the internet and surprisingly the first page I opened after reading the short descriptions gave me the exact information about the best gas ranges that I looked for. Believe it or not, now I am really fascinated by stoves….and as you know, it is good to have one – maybe to fascinate the woman of your life, or just to make a good coffee in the morning – it’s just a necessary part of your house.


By the time I wrote this, the delivery should arrive, with my very new gas range, which will be the last part of my first house.

Now it’s time to finish the small missed tasks in and outside the house, but hey! next time I write I will enclose the invitation to the party as well (and you can check the gas range too.)

Be good!