Creating the perfect home with a zero gravity

The party in my newly renovated house went great! It was really fantastic. All of my guests showed up and we had a great together with talking, drinking and dancing. Everybody loved the way I recreated my house. And about 30 people asked where I bought my fancy turntable.

I’m really happy, that I could host a party, where everybody found something to do. Maybe I’ll organize one again, with some theme.

Unfortunately, I still miss something from this nearly perfect home. Everything looks fine, my furniture is awesome, everything is comfortable and my digital devices are far beyond every imagination, but I still don’t have something.

I had this thought in my mind for over a week until I could finally find a solution for this problem of mine. The answer was much easier than I thought. I only need a massage chair to satisfy all my needs. I realised it when I went to a masseur. I knew that that’s what I want at home, on a daily basis.

When I got the idea I already know how could I make it true. After working hours, I performed a small search, which came with a good outcome. I found a site with reliable reviews about massage chairs. This is where I found a zero gravity massage chair which is pretty great! I didn’t even know that such things exist. After a couple of youtube videos and reviews I found the best massage chair with zero gravity function on L-Track Kahuna. I already ordered it when I started writing this entry.

Maybe you already figured out that it wasn’t the cheapest product that I could found, but if what the manufacturer states is true than it should make my home perfect and I really want to reach that point. It was $1800, but if it could substitute the masseur, it could bring back its price within 6 months. Or at least I hope for.